Spookers: Meet the team behind the costumes

For more than a decade the team at Spookers has been terrorising those who tour their house of horrors.

Located at the former Kingseat psychiatric hospital south of Auckland, Spookers is the Southern Hemisphere's largest scream park.

Now the team who works there has hit the big screen in a new documentary that's just been released in cinemas.

The film shares the story of the Watson family, who have been in the horror business for years.

They started out with 'haunted' corn fields and wool sheds before looking for something bigger.

They discovered the old nurses' residence of the Kingseat psychiatric hospital and started the creation of Spookers.

"The building had the right sort of atmosphere and the whole place as you drive in was quite spectacular," says managing director Beth Watson.

But she says it's her team of scare actors that make Spookers what it is.

David Palu, 21, is one of them.  He has a regular day job but at night he plays characters like 'Zombina'.

"I would say Zombina's my alter ego.  She's like all the sass that David isn't," he says.

Palu says he's actually very shy and working as a scare actor has helped him build confidence.

"You just click so well when you're surrounded with people like that who don't judge you, who don't think anything of you but celebrate your flaws and all.  And that's the beauty of working at this place," says Palu.

The documentary, directed by Florian Habicht, explores personal issues the Spookers' performers face away from the costumers and make-up.

"We all come from such different backgrounds, different walks of life.  You get such a genuine look into their lives behind the mask," says Palu.

The film also features some lighter moments including the odd "code brown" incident that occurs at the scream park.

"A lot of people wet their pants.  We have a lot of people that don't make it through all the attractions," says managing director Julia Watson.


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