The Block NZ 2017 winners Andy and Nate discuss 'absolutely brutal' finale

  • 18/09/2017

Andy and Nate won The Block NZ after a dramatic final episode that first had everyone thinking Stace and Yanita were the winners.

The dads of house two in the 2017 season won $31,000 profit from their auction, with the winning bonus of $100,000 and the People's Choice award prize of a brand new Honda Civic RS Sport Turbo Hatch.

Last night, they described the auctions as a "rollercoaster", but on The AM Show on Monday morning they had a different word for it. 

"It was more of a trainwreck last night, really. It was pretty tough viewing for everyone," said Andy.

"For [Stace and Yanita] getting it ripped out of their grasps at the last second, it was tough for everyone. You try and put yourself in their position, it was absolutely brutal."

"It was such a bittersweet moment, you couldn't celebrate it," added Nate of the moment they won.

"The wives came and talked to us afterward when we were bummed out. They were like, 'why are you bummed? You should be happy!' But you just felt ripped off, because we couldn't enjoy it."

The pair was coy about what they were going to do with the money, but admitted to popping into the casino last night and stressed the urgency of paying off their credit cards.