The Block NZ 2017: Winners Andy and Nate reeling after 'rollercoaster' of a night

In one of the most shocking finales in the history of The Block NZ, Hamilton brothers-in-law Andy and Nate took out the win on tonight's finale.

Andy and Nate are going home with $131,000 and their People's Choice award prize of a brand new Honda Civic RS Sport Turbo Hatch. 

Speaking to media after the turbulent auction, Nate described the evening as "a rollercoaster".

"We found out [about the second auction] when you found out. We found out as it came on to the TV – I fact we didn't even really know then," he said.

"We'd resigned ourselves to the fact we'd lost."

Their home had originally not met reserve at the first auction, but went to a second auction after Stace and Yanita's, who thought they had in fact won.

Feeling sorry for the besties from Palmerston North, Andy and Nate describe their win as "a little bit bittersweet"

"Steak and Cheese getting it taken away like they did - we felt really bad for them.  We felt devastated for all the teams. It sucks for the boys only winning $1000, that's a hard pill to swallow for them," said Andy.

"You can't be happy when you're being happy cuts someone else to pieces,"  added Nate.

While previous season winners Alex and Corban gave some of their winnings to less lucky contestants, it's a decision Andy and Nate couldn't make on the spot.

"It's more than just me and Nathan involved in this, it's also our wives and our kids," explained Andy.

"We've got a couple of credit cards that are maxed out and some massive debt to pay off. Three months is a long time without an income, so that would be family discussion to talk about later on."

They also need to decide what to do with their new car, which they say might struggle to fit their young families.

"I can't fit my three kids in it and my dog," said Andy.  

"I think we'll go in for a bit of a play in it... do some celebratory burnouts," said Nate.

"I don't think you can say that!" laughed Andy.

The pair will be up bright and early to discuss further their win on The AM Show on Monday morning.