'The Disaster Artist' full trailer is out now

A full length trailer for The Disaster Artist  has been released, showing off James Franco in the role of divisive director Tommy Wiseau.

2003's infamously terrible film, The Room, has spawned a worldwide cult following, and this upcoming flick tells the story of how it first reached our screens.

The new trailer gives a surprisingly heartfelt take on the fundamentally ridiculous story, with a few touching scenes tackling the grim realities of the Hollywood dream. 

James Franco stars alongside his brother Dave, who plays Room co-star Greg Sestero, who wrote the memoir off which this film is based.

Long time Franco collaborator Seth Rogen also joins the cast, playing Sandy Schklair, the script supervisor. 

The Disaster Artist is set for release on December 1 overseas, but has already received some early positive reviews, with Variety saying, 

"Franco achieves what could be his most iconic role."