Tyga is reportedly dating a Kim Kardashian lookalike

Kamilla Osman and Tyga
Twitter has gone into overdrive. Photo credit: Instagram

While the biggest Kardashian news of the weekend was undoubtedly Kylie Jenner's surprise pregnancy, some weird stuff was also happening with the wider Kardashian clan.

Jenner's ex-boyfriend rapper Tyga appear to be dating a new woman - one who is known for being a Kim Kardashian lookalike.

Kamilla Osman - who even spells her name with a K - has already appeared on an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians in 2016, when Kardashian's friend Jonothan Cheban used her a friend replacement. 

Now Tyga has been seen out with the model, taking her shopping in Beverley Hills. 

"They are full on dating," a source reportedly told People magazine. "He's really into her." 

Twitter has gone into overdrive with people commenting on the bizarre similarities between Osman and Kardashian. 

The news comes after sources confirmed to People magazine that Tyga's ex, Kylie Jenner, is pregnant with her the baby of her new boyfriend Travis Scott. 

Tyga and Jenner had a tumultuous relationship before officially breaking up this spring after Jenner began spending time with Scott.



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