Wendy Williams brutally body shamed over bikini pics

Wendy Williams 'the Queen of Shade' brutally body shamed over bikini pics
Wendy Williams Photo credit: Getty

Wendy Williams is being viciously body shamed in comments online after revealing photos hit the internet this week.

The US radio and TV host, sometimes referred to as 'the Queen of Shade', had photos published online of her at the beach in a black bikini with pink, bedazzled sunglasses.

Williams is infamous for making biting comments about other women, including that Ariana Grande will forever have the body of a child and mocking Lil Kim's face.

Commenters on Twitter and Instagram were quick to give her a severe taste of her own medicine.

"Wendy Williams really be out here talking about people and whole time she's shaped like them lil roach things from Men in Black," said one tweet.

"Wendy Williams out here shaming Nicki Minaj and Kim Kardashian for having big asses, but now we know why," said another.

Many other comments are too offensive to be repeated.

Williams has not responded on Twitter.


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