Beauty of Dominion Road captured through everyday people

It's 7.3 kilometres long, the subject of a song by Kiwi band The Muttonbirds and famous for its international cuisine.

Now a new photography project is bringing more sparkle to Auckland's Dominion Road.

"A few months back I was thinking about people wanting to build walls and ban burqas and ban immigrants and I thought well we've got a pretty diverse community, let's do something to celebrate it," documentary photographer Paul Lambert told Newshub.

Lambert decided to take photos of everyday people he met along Dominion Road.

"I met absolutely all types of people - people that didn't come here regularly, people that live here, people that work here, people that just hang out here," he said.

"All the way along the street there's a bunch of different cultures all right next to each other. And the best thing about it - they all get along.

"One day I was just sitting at a bus stop and got chatting with Mrs Tyson. It was a beautiful afternoon. I think she might have said something about my camera so yeah I said, 'Well might as well take a photo then'."

Mrs Tyson's photo is displayed in a shop window, with other portraits stretching all the way down Dominion Road.

"One morning I was there and I could see a wheelchair going down the street and an old dude and his little dog in the basket. He was such a cute little old guy and his dog was pretty cute as well," Lambert said.

One of Lambert's favourite images is placed in the window of a fish and chip shop.

"Mad Dog was a bit of a character. He's right down the other end of the street in Mt. Roskill, but yeah, he definitely looks like he's lived a pretty interesting life," he said.

The Our Dominion exhibition is running as part of Artweek Auckland and Lambert said it's great to have the portraits displayed on the street where everyone can enjoy them.

"A lot of art ends up in a studio or a gallery and people don't get to see it," he said.


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