Blake Lively mocks husband Ryan Reynolds with birthday tweet

Blake Lively mocks husband Ryan Reynolds with birthday tweet
Photo credit: Getty / Twitter

Ryan Reynolds is regarded by some to be one of Hollywood's funniest men.

The brains behind offbeat Marvel film Deadpool, the 41-year-old is well-versed in comedy - even when it's taken off the silver screen and transitioned onto the internet.

Take this legendary Twitter post from back in August, for example, which garnered well over 1.3 million likes - making it one of the most popular tweets in history.

In the tweet Reynolds poked fun at wife Blake Lively, turning a traditional loving birthday post into a sarcastic quip at her expense.

But he perhaps wasn't counting on her to hit back quite how she has.

Reversing his joke, Lively posted a photo of her own - this one, like the last, cutting out at least two-thirds of his face.

But instead of herself starring in the post, as in Reynolds original joke, she tweeted a photo that had fellow Hollywood heatthrob Ryan Gosling front and centre.

"Happy birthday, baby," she wrote.

Lively's own post has become almost as popular as her husband's - and having been up for a far shorter time, it's likely to surpass his in the coming days.