Claire from Married At First Sight NZ opens up on hospital stay

  • 24/10/2017

We haven't seen much of Claire on the last couple of episodes of Married At First Sight NZ; fans were shocked to see the 'mum' of the show in hospital after her health took a downturn at the cocktail party.

Speaking to Newshub on Tuesday afternoon, Claire opened up about that night. "I got to the cocktail party and the stomach pains started," she said.

"Women who have had babies will understand when I say they were as bad as contractions."

She said the pain kept coming in waves, and continued all night.

"The next day [the producers] said 'we're taking you to the doctors'."

Claire recounted that the pain was so bad was unable to sit up straight, and she was in tears throughout her examination. 

She was admitted to hospital, with doctors assuming she had appendicitis or gallstones. But it turned out to be neither.

Claire had a blood clot in her stomach; the result of an ulcer which had burst and leaked into her gut.

Vomiting and in lots of pain, she was in hospital for four days.

Claire will be returning to our screens in coming episodes, but for now she says she just wants to pass on her thanks for the support from fans.

"I didn't expect people to be so worried, but I was getting lots of messages and comments asking if I was ok," she said.

"I really appreciate it, it was really awesome."

Married at First Sight airs Sunday and Monday nights on Three.