Eminem unleashes on Donald Trump with brutal freestyle at BET Hip-Hop Awards

  • 11/10/2017
Eminem destroys Donald Trump with ruthless freestyle at 2017 BET Hip-Hop Awards.
Eminem Photo credit: BET

Eminem has unloaded on US President Donald Trump at the 2017 BET Hip-Hop Awards, with a vicious solo cypher performance.

The 'Lose Yourself' hitmaker touched on topics as recent as the Las Vegas shooting and the natural disaster in Puerto Rico while verbally assaulting the former Celebrity Apprentice star for several aspects of his recent political career.

Eminem, real name Marshall Bruce Mathers III, also explicitly drew a line in the sand for his own fans - telling any of them who supported Trump: "F**k you."

"Racism's the only thing he's fantastic for / 'cause that's how he gets his f**king rocks off, and he's orange," Eminem spits in the cypher.

"From his endorsement of [Steve] Bannon, support for the klansmen / tiki torches in hand for the soldier that's black / comes home from Iraq and is still told to go back to Africa."

Eminem praises former President Barack Obama and NFL player Colin Kaepernick in the video, both of whom have been attacked by Trump.

"This is form of distraction / Plus he gets an enormous reaction when he focuses on the NFL, so we focus on that / Instead of talking Puerto Rico or gun reform in Nevada."

Referring to the infamous wall Trump promised to build on the US-Mexico border, Eminem rapped: "If he does build it, I hope it's rock solid with bricks / 'cause like him in politics, I'm using all of his tricks / 'cause I'm throwing that piece of shit against the wall 'til it sticks."

Toward the end of the nearly five-minute performance, Eminem demands his fans choose between Trump and himself.

"The rest of America - stand up," Eminem says in a final call-to-arms.

"We love our military and we love our country. But we f**king hate Trump."

The cypher quickly had Eminem trending on Twitter in the US, with much praise for his message coming from both fans and the hip-hop community.