Father of the Bride actor teases third movie

Father of the Bride cast
The script is reportedly already finished for a third installment. Photo credit: Warner Bros.

Nineties movie buffs get excited - a third Father of the Bride movie might be in the works.

Scandal star George Newbern, who played Bryan MacKenzie in the original films, said a script has been completed for a possible third instalment in the hit franchise. 

The actor told Us Weekly that Charles Shyer, director and co-writer of the first two movies in the franchise, has completed a script for another instalment and that the cast are in talks to reunite, more than a decade since the last film.

"[Director] Charles Shyer wrote a script. I know there's a script out there... and there's talk. I'm sure most of the cast would be into it, if the script was right, so maybe that's just a question of that happening.

"I have heard some [concepts] and they are pretty far out there. From what I heard, it was pretty good and different and newsworthy."

Father of the Bride starred Steve Martin as an overly possessive father, who struggled to come to terms with daughter Annie (Kimberly Williams) getting engaged to her boyfriend, Bryan (Newbern), after only knowing him for a few months. 

Diane Keaton co-starred as Martin's wife. The whole cast returned for the 1995 sequel - Father of the Bride II.