Jay-Jay Harvey off-air following alleged sexual assault

The Edge radio host Jay-Jay Harvey has taken the day off, after being allegedly sexually assaulted by an Auckland taxi driver on Saturday night.

Harvey opened up about the incident in a Facebook post on Sunday morning, claiming the driver requested a "hook-up" in lieu of her $17 taxi fare, before groping her breasts when she refused. He is then alleged to have tried following her into her apartment building.

The broadcaster's estranged husband Dom Harvey, her co-host on The Edge Breakfast, said she struggled to sleep overnight and didn't feel up to coming in to work.

"It was quite a traumatic afternoon yesterday - she was at the police station for hours," he explained.

"The police were wonderful, but she said she felt a bit useless because they were asking her questions she just couldn't answer, like what sort of fabric the seats were made of."

In her Facebook post, Harvey said the only detail she could remember about the car was that it was grey - but said the cab company was on her bank statement too.

Fellow broadcaster Megan Annear is filling in for Harvey on The Edge on Monday morning, and told listeners she was disgusted that people called Harvey out for not reporting the assault immediately.

"She was in shock. If you haven't been sexually assaulted before, it is a very strange thing to mull over," she said.

"You do put guilt on yourself, you do put blame yourself, you think, 'Did I not say the right thing, did I lead him on?' You go through this crazy experience before coming to the realisation that actually what he did was wrong.

"It is absolutely unacceptable for people to put any blame on Jay-Jay for not straight away going to the police."

In Harvey's Facebook post, she described pushing the taxi driver's hand away when he started fondling her breasts, before paying and fleeing to her apartment.

She said she then watched out her window as he stood on the street below, trying to work out which flat she was in.

"What a creep. Did he drive taxis for the purpose of preying on drunk girls? I was shaking a bit and worried about what could have happened," she wrote.

"I was legit sh*tting myself that he was going to force himself upon me."

If you have been through an experience of sexual assault, contact NZ Police or a NZ Sexual Assault Support Centre near you.