Jay-Jay Harvey speaks out about alleged assault by taxi driver

Jay Jay Harvey
Jay Jay Harvey Photo credit: Facebook

Radio broadcaster Jay-Jay Harvey says she was assaulted by an Auckland taxi driver last night after leaving a bar in Ponsonby.

The Edge morning show host and author posted about her "uncomfortable experience" on Facebook on Sunday morning.

"After leaving a bar in Ponsonby, I tried to get into a cab from a company I knew, but the driver wouldn't take me because my ride was only 3 or 4km long and he had been waiting awhile, so he told me to get into the one behind him," Harvey wrote.

"The driver was very forward with his conversation with me and asked a lot of personal questions which I tried to answer without giving too much away.

"He kept asking me if he could touch my breasts and kept holding my hand which I promptly let go of each time.

"He was asking if I would be his girlfriend and I was feeling uncomfortable and nervous."

Harvey said she tried to laugh off the inappropriate comments, to try and show the driver she assumed he was joking. 

He continued to grab her hand, and talk about her breasts. 

"He told me he just wanted to touch them." After telling the star he would let her off her fare if she would "hook up with him", she says he groped her breasts. 

"I pushed his hand away and said no and tried to get him to take my Eftpos card, which he eventually did.

"But he wasn't taking no for an answer and got out of the car to follow me across the road to my flat. 'I'm coming in with you,' he said to me. 'No you're not,' I told him back and I walked as quickly as I could."

She had an access card to get into her building and managed to shut the driver out, as he followed behind her. 

"I got inside safely and watched out the window as he stood in the middle of the street looking up trying to figure out which flat I was in," she said.

"Then he got back into his cab and drove off.

"I was shaking a bit and worried about what could have happened." 

After asking her followers, "Should I do anything about it?", her fans jumped in to bat for the radio host. The majority of almost 2000 responses told Harvey she should report the incident. 

"Any form of abuse needs to be reported... it's disgusting behaviour and they need to be held accountable for their actions," one fan wrote. 

"Jay Jay you absolutely need to make a complaint this is so so so terrifying! What if you didn't have a swipe card or access to safety? What if you were a younger drunker girl?" another wrote. 

Harvey has been approached by Newshub for comment. 

If you have been through an experience of sexual assault, contact NZ Police or a NZ Sexual Assault Support Centre near you.



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