Kardashian cover shoot recreated by Invercargill librarians

Invercargill Reporter Kardashian cover shoot
The team of librarians on 'The Invercargill Reporter'. Photo credit: Facebook

A team of Invercargill librarians have given their best effort at keeping up with the Kardashians, recreating a magazine cover featuring the most famous family on reality television.  

The social media team from Invercargill City Libraries and Archives posed as the female Kardashian clan, captioning the shoot 'Keeping Up with the Librarians'.

It's a funny take on the famous Hollywood Reporter cover which celebrated 10 years of the Kardashian reality show. 

Kardashian cover shoot recreated by Invercargill librarians

"It has been 10 years since the Kardashians first graced our screens. To celebrate, our social media team decided to have a totally impromptu, definitely not planned, photo-shoot," the Facebook post read.  

Digital and communications manager Bonnie Mager, who took the place of Kylie Jenner in the shoot, told Newshub the idea was born out of their weekly team meeting to create something of "humour" for the Facebook page.  

She said their biggest goal as a library "is for people to realise that we're still here". 

"We're fun; we're not old ladies with buns who are going to tell you off for talking too loud". 

The post has already received more than 4000 reactions on Facebook, with one commenter calling them "the sexiest bunch of librarians working in one place". 

The team from left to right; Jay Coote, (Khloe), Connor Chamberlain (Kendall), Chris Crighton (Kris), Andrew Eng (Kourtney), Kayla Davidson (Kim) and Ms Mager as Kylie.