Lizzie Marvelly launching series to help teens get sex-wise

  • 03/10/2017

Lizzie Marvelly is helping you help teens get your heads around sex.

She's part of team producing a 12-part web series talking frankly about sex in 2017, which she says may help parents get their heads around those first crucial conversations with teens.

"Instead of having an awkward conversation with your kids, you can outsource it to us," she told Three's The Project. "We've got it down."

The Real Sex Talk is aimed at 13- to 18-year-olds, and will help youths get their heads around all things sex, including consent, sexuality, porn, and relationships.

Ms Marvelly, perhaps best known as a singer/songwriter, said it's a response to an internet "saturated with sex".

"That's why we're doing this series," she said.

"Young people are seeing porn and they're getting this skewed idea about what sex really is. This is so they can get the true story."

Ms Marvelly was granted $164,554 by NZ On Air to create the series, one of nine new programmes to benefit from the broadcasting funding.

The series will be for everyone, including all genders.

She says that while she had a positive experience with sex education at Rotorua Girl's College, "everyone's experience is different at different schools around the country".

"While many are doing a great job, there can be a lack of consistency."