Man busts out into song at airport gate

Man busts out into song at airport gate
Photo credit: Facebook / Mike Vadala

Airport waits are tedious at the best of times - but one passenger's impromptu performance may have made time pass a little faster.

Gate staff at New Orleans Airport had jokingly suggested anyone who asked a question would be required to sing, so the traveller took over the intercom to perform an enthusiastic rendition of 'No Diggity'.

The man busts out the song while dancing in front of the check-in desk, while the staff enthusiastically danced back.

It wasn't long before other travellers started to feel the rhythm as well, and begin belting out Blackstreet's No.1 hit.

Mike Vadala filmed the performance and posted it to Facebook, and the post has racked up more than 100,000 likes and 15 million views.

"This guy went off," Mr Vadala wrote.