Married at First Sight NZ: Dom's 'red flags' confirmed by text error - Claire

Claire says her husband Dom's text message blunder was just another nail in the coffin of their Married at First Sight NZ relationship, rather than the catalyst for a break-up.

The pair, who had been married for three weeks when Dom inadvertently sent a grumbling text about Claire to her instead of a friend, have now officially ended their relationship.

Speaking to The AM Show on Monday morning, Claire said Dom's mishap was just the latest in a string of issues she'd had with her short-term spouse.

"It just clarified all the red flags about Dom," she said. "I forgave him, he said he was sorry. I won't forget, but I've forgiven him and we're still amicable."

She said while she doesn't regret the experience, she wouldn't make a return to the show if given an opportunity, because of the emotional toll it took on her.

"[I wouldn't do it] just because you're out there in the public eye," Claire explained.

"I mean, I knew that - I'm not stupid - but you just don't realise the emotional side of it. It's the emotional side of the show, where you're with this person 24/7."

She said despite their relatively short stint as husband and wife, she took the social experiment seriously and was willing to stick with him for the long haul if he'd been right for her.

"I went into it for the right reasons. We all have different genres for finding our partners and boyfriends, and that was just another one," Claire said.

"I take marriage really seriously - I was married for 24 years and have three amazing children. I'm ready for a commitment so I can do the hard yards - I've done the hard yards.

"A lot of people think because I quit I can't do the hard yards - I can, Dom just wasn't the right person to do the hard yards with."

While she maintains she's not closed off to finding love, Claire can't see it happening any time soon because she's too busy and not actively searching for it.