Max Key threatens Eminem diss track

The National Party's week keeps getting worse - they lost the power to govern New Zealand, a court ruled they improperly copied Eminem's music in a campaign ad and now it seems their former leader's son is determined to embarrass them yet again.

Sir John Key's son Max says he may release a diss track against Eminem to "avenge" National's defeat over the 'Lose Yourself'/'Eminem Esque' case.

The 22-year-old former boyfriend of beauty pageant runner-up Amelia Finlayson is an aspiring DJ and producer, frequently promoting his own music via vlogs on his YouTube account.

Max used social media to threaten the musical attack on Eminem, who has sold over 100 million records worldwide and won over 500 music awards, including 15 Grammys.

"Better start writing the bars that will avenge the National Party," he posted on Instagram, along with a photo he'd taken of himself looking unhappy. He added on Facebook: "I'll make a diss track on Eminem".

Eminem has verbally attacked several celebrities and other rappers in his music and has been hit back at by some who may seem almost as unlikely as Max, such as pop star Christina Aguliera.

It's far from the first time Max has tried to use a famous person for self-promotion. Just last month, he stated he wanted to challenge Labour Party leader Jacinda Ardern to a "DJ battle" and he has used his own father in several vlogs to boost their popularity.