Millie Elder-Holmes confesses 'I was a f**king little bitch'

Millie Elder-Holmes has confessed that she believes she "was a real bitch" when she was young. 

The frank admission came during an emotional Facebook live video on her blog Clean Eatz NZ where she answered some brutally honest and anonymous questions.

"My favourite thing about myself is probably my ability to have changed my mind-set because when I was young I was a real bitch," she told her followers.

"Straight up I'm not going to lie about it, I was a f**king little bitch like a little snobby princess bitch.

"I used to judge people a lot and then after I went through my addiction and all of my really embarrassing things - I learnt to eat a little bit of humble pie."

Elder-Holmes, who is currently living in Greece, runs a blog reaching out to more than 85,000 people on Facebook which aims to "help anyone and everyone wanting to improve their health and fitness goals."

Questions during her 40 minute video had no limits, ranging from the death of her ex-boyfriend Connor Morris in 2014 to her drug addiction and her relationship with her father, late broadcaster Sir Paul Holmes.

Sir Paul Holmes, Media
Sir Paul Holmes after receiving a Knighthood from the then Governor-General, Sir Jerry Mateparae in 2013. Photo credit: Getty

'I constantly had to please my dad'

She spoke about her struggle when dealing with the environment around her father's life in the public eye.

"I grow up in a complex world of expectations and it's a bitch; its really, really hard," she said.

"I felt like I constantly had to please my dad and that nothing was ever good enough."

That was made worse with the relentless questions including one person asking how she lived the lifestyle she does and wondering if she lived off her father's fortune.

"Honestly this question is a little bit shitty," an emotional Elder-Holmes said.

"I'm not a trust fund baby, my dad didn't leave me any money when he died. All of his money actually went into a trust.

"I monetized my blog two or three years ago and I make my own money.

"[I] don't live off my dad."

Elder-Holmes says while she thinks Greece is a "dope" place to live, she plans to return to New Zealand later this year.

The video posted to Facebook has been viewed more than 28,000 times in less than a day.