Naz, Jordan set to face off in Bachelor Winter Games?

  • 18/10/2017

Nazanin 'Naz' Khanjani and Jordan Mauger may be set for a reality TV rematch after their ill-fated turn on The Bachelor NZ.

The pair became close in the 2016 season, but things turned sour after Fleur Verhoeven ended up winning.

Now there are rumours that Naz and Jordan could be facing off against each other in US spin-off show The Bachelor Winter Games - and she has some harsh words for the former object of her affections.

"If I end up on another TV show with Jordan, I'll make his life hell," says Naz.

"I'm very blunt - it's very easy to see how I'm thinking and feeling. I wouldn't pretend things were all happy days with Jordan. I treat people the way they treat me and if I was to be on the same show as him, there'd definitely be a lot of drama."

Naz can't say anything about what show she'll soon be starring in, but confirmed she travelled to the US for a "massive TV opportunity" earlier this year.

Mauger told Fairfax this week he had been "talking about the possibility" of appearing in The Bachelor Winter Games, but hadn't officially signed onto it.

Naz and Jordan on The Bachelor NZ 2016.
The moment Jordan and Naz broke up on The Bachelor NZ Photo credit: MediaWorks

"I don't think he'd last long, to be honest. On an American show he'd probably get eaten alive on the first day," Naz says of his comments, adding a word of warning to other women looking for love with him.

"I don't want to bitch about him and tell other women everything that's bad about him, but from my experiences - what you see is not what you get with Jordan."

The Bachelor Winter Games will feature several former contestants from international editions of The Bachelor series from at least 12 different nations.

Scheduled for broadcast in early 2018, the spin-off series will see the contestants trying to find love with each other while competing in winter sports-themed challenges.

Peter Kraus, the runner-up in the 2017 season of The Bachelorette US with Rachel Lindsay, is the only cast member announced so far by ABC.