No, Leonardo DiCaprio is not moving to Whangarei

It seems obvious, but no, Leonardo DiCaprio is not moving to Whangarei.

That was the claim circulating social media overnight, after fake news website wky12 News reported the actor was leaving his big-city life.

"I'm just tired of the LA lifestyle and I feel like, at this point in my life, I'd rather just live in a place full of real, genuine people," the website reported DiCaprio as saying.

"I've been to Whangarei, New Zealand, a couple of times over the years and the people there are real. They're genuine and, yeah, every community has its problems, but the people there are good, decent people and they care about their community."

Much to the disappointment of his Kiwi fans, it's not the first time the website has claimed the star is making a bold move. DiCaprio reportedly gave the exact same reason - word for word - for wanting to move to Ireland, Texas and Orlando.

They've also previously reported Lady Gaga is moving to Michigan, Justin Bieber is moving to Cork and Adam Sandler is moving to Sheffield.

Thousands of people have liked the post on Facebook and many shared it.

"Wise choice Leonardo," one Facebook user said, seriously. "Look up my lovely cousin… she is an educator and Maori, and would be a really good person to know to help you learn the ins and outs."

Another added: "I was a Whangarei girl! The girls will be watching."

However, there were a few who weren't so easily convinced.

"Stop being gullible already, Leonardo DiCaprio is not moving to Whangarei," one person said.

"I call bullshit," another added.


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