The secret iPhone feature that's cataloguing your dirty photos

woman lying on ground using phone
Social media users are going into a tailspin over the revelation. Photo credit: Getty

A new revelation on Twitter that your phone is filtering your photos into secret categories - including all those with cleavage - has got women panicking.

Smart image recognition technology, brought into iOS 11 on Apple devices last year, uses an algorithm to automatically sort images using 4432 different category keywords.

One of those keywords is 'brassiere'.

When using the search function in your 'Photos' app, typing in 'brassiere' brings up any photos with cleavage or boobs in them.

Twitter user ellieeewbu was one of the first to catch on, writing "ATTENTION ALL GIRLS ALL GIRLS!!! Go to your photos and type in the 'Brassiere' why are apple saving these and made it a folder!!?!!?"

The tweet has been shared more than 8000 times, with women responding with screenshots with their results. Most searches show photos of lingerie, bikinis and bare skin.  Many women reacted with shock over their Apple device detecting their boobs. 

Here's what came up when I searched mine - a mixture of selfies and screenshots.

The secret iPhone feature that's cataloguing your dirty photos

Other keywords that can be used to search through your photos are generic terms, like 'dog', 'sunglasses', 'pub' and 'bath'. They filter through all your photos and only bring up images with the searched object in them.

Interestingly, while women's undergarments like 'brassiere' are listed as categories, there's no mention of men's underwear.

And this data is then stored under reams of categories, including 'cats', 'sunglasses' etc.

Search it on your own phone - but maybe not at work, if you have ones to hide!




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