Unlimited sex, drugs tourists warned off 'cancelled' Colombian getaway

  • 13/10/2017

Outraged authorities in the Colombian city of Cartegena appear to have put a stop to a holiday package that brazenly advertised unlimited sex with prostitutes and would allow open drug use.

Foreigners attempting to travel to the country for the hedonistic getaway may also be barred by immigration.

Tickets to the 'Sex Island Experience' are still being sold by Good Girls Company for US$5000 each, with seven of the original 30 still remaining - despite someone claiming to be the organiser has said it's been cancelled.

Scheduled for late November, the package was to include unlimited food and alcohol, along with two 'girls' for every customer and a 30 minute session with 16 prostitutes at once.

"It is unacceptable that they want us to sell as a sexual destination. That is not the tourism that we represent. Cartagena will not allow it," the city's mayor Sergio Londono said on Twitter after the event made international headlines.

Mr Londono was then contacted on Twitter by someone calling themselves Michael and claiming to be the organiser of the Sex Island Experience.

'Michael' apologised for causing any inconvenience and said due to security reasons, the event had been cancelled.

Colombia's Secretary of the Interior Fernando Niño also said the Sex Island Experience would not be allowed to happen because it "goes against [the nation's] integral security plan".

He added to El Espectador that appropriate authorisation had not been sought by Good Girls Company and would be required for such an event.

Immigration official Néstor Castro told El Univeral that Sex Island Experience customers had been identified in the United States, Mexico, Argentina and the Dominican Republic and that they would not be allowed to enter the country.

Foreigners who managed to enter Colombia for the event despite the restrictions would be deported, Mr Castro added.

None of this is mentioned on the official website of the Sex Island Experience, which still states the event will take place on November 24 - 27.


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