Video: Piers Morgan meets Linda Jones, his very Kiwi relative

Piers Morgan and his Kiwi cousin Linda Jones.
Piers Morgan and his Kiwi cousin Linda Jones. Photo credit: ITV

Piers Morgan has met and interviewed a distant Kiwi cousin on his Good Morning Britain show in a segment based on his DNA test results.

The outspoken British TV star's New Zealand relative is Linda Jones, who lives near Mt Taranaki, and had no idea she was related to him - nor of his notoriety.

"It was a complete surprise to me," she told the show.

"I'd only ever seen Piers on, um, American X Factor - was it that one? America's Got Talent? I've been googling him and I've only just discovered he's got a bit of a controversial side."

Ms Jones says her rural New Zealand lifestyle is very different to Morgan's

"We have got cattle, sheep, chickens, dogs, goldfish, birds. I even have a husband."

The DNA test meant Morgan discovered he's a descendent of Robert the Bruce, who was the King of Scotland from 1306 to 1329.

He also found out his genetic makeup is 91 percent Irish, Scottish and Welsh, 6.5 percent Eastern European, 1.6 percent West Asian and 0.8 percent Middle Eastern.

His Good Morning Britain co-star Susanna Reid's DNA was revealed to be 35 percent Irish/ Scottish/ Welsh, 17 percent English, 14 percent Scandinavian, 17 percent Eastern European and 18 percent Iberian.


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