E^ST eyeing first album release

If you haven't heard of E^ST, chances are you'll probably know her soon.

Her latest single 'Life Goes On' has now been streamed more than two million times on Spotify.

"When I actually stop and think about it, it's quite insane that that song has been heard so many times," she says.

The song's about trying to move on from a broken relationship, but being confronted by ghosts of the past. It's a mature theme for the 19-year-old.

"I'm so bad at like talking about my feelings in person, it's just something that I've always sucked at but I'm so lucky that I've got song writing as a bit of an outlet."

Her real name is Mel Bester. Her stage name E^ST comes from her a Dutch family name that translates to East.

She's been singing since she could talk, but it was a gift on her 12th birthday that helped uncover her true talent.

"My family bought me a guitar on my birthday and then I kind of taught myself a few chords and then I started songwriting and that's really where I gained a true passion for music."

Now she's played gigs in Australia, London, Europe, and is about to head to the US. But there's one place she's dying to perform.

"I would love to play in China actually, I feel like that would be so interesting!"

And with three EP's already under her belt, E^ST is eyeing an album next.

"That's definitely where my head is at in terms of what's next, but you can't plan too far ahead in the music industry."

While it might not be any time soon, E^ST is certainly heading in the right direction.


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