George Takei apologises for joking about sexual assault

  • 15/11/2017
George Takei sorry for jokes about assault.
George Takei Photo credit: Getty

George Takei has apologised for the controversy stemming from his October interview with radio shock jock Howard Stern, where the two joked about Takei touching men during his Star Trek days 50 years ago.

In the wake of sexual assault charges levied against the actor, Takei has penned a lengthy Facebook post to explain himself.

"Out of context, I agree that the joke was distasteful, and I'm very sorry he and I made fun out of a serious matter," Takei wrote.

"For decades, I have played the part of a 'naughty gay grandpa' when I visit Howard's show, a caricature I now regret.

"But I want to be clear: I have never forced myself upon someone during a date. Sometimes my dates were the initiators, and sometimes I was. It was always by mutual consent. I see now that that it has come across poorly in the awkward sketch, and I apologise for playing along with Howard's insinuation."

Recently, former model Scott Brunton accused Takei of sexually assaulting him in 1981.

Brunton alleges that Takei groped him and attempted to coerce him into sexual contact. Takei has denied the claims.

In the interview, Stern asked Takei if he'd ever groped a man without consent, to which Takei replied after a period of silence saying, "Uh oh. Some people are kind of skittish, or maybe afraid, and you're trying to persuade."