Horror movie Get Out to compete as comedy for awards

Acclaimed horror movie Get Out is being categorised as a comedy or musical for the Golden Globe awards, a move being slammed on social media.

The smash hit indie movie from filmmaker Jordan Peele is currently ranked on Rotten Tomatoes as the best film of 2017 and is likely to fare well during award season.

While it is a work of satire, nominating Get Out for Best Comedy or Musical is a bit like when Lorde won Best Rock Video for 'Royals'.

In awards ceremonies such as the Golden Globes where comedy and drama are divided into separate sections, comedy can be deemed an easier category to win.

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA), which runs the Golden Globes, are responsible for ruling what Get Out should be nominated as - a ruling decided on despite some "disagreement", according to reports.

On social media and film blogs, there has been an outcry.

"Miscategorising Get Out as a comedy is a sorry attempt to deflate its impact as both a formative horror genre film and exacting critique of white supremacy," writes Twitter user @guttersquid.

"It's strange enough that the awards show equates comedies and musicals, which means that La La Land had to compete against Deadpool and Les Miserables against The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. But it gets even weirder when some movies slip into the category despite being neither a musical or a comedy," writes Jacob Hall for Slashfilm.

"Anyway, let's not pretend for a second that the Golden Globes are a bastion of good taste. Just look to 2011, when Alice in Wonderland, Burlesque, Red and The Tourist were all nominated for Best Comedy or Musical. Caring too much about what the HFPA thinks is silly."


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