Justice League stars talk sexual harassment, haka and superpowers

Justice League finds the world in seriously bad shape, still mourning the death of Superman.

Violence, war and terrorism are all on the rise, and it's about to get way, way worse.

The only way to fix things is with a kick-ass team of superheroes including Batman, Wonderwoman, The Flash, Aquaman and Cyborg.

They've all got amazing superpowers - apart from Batman, who says his is he's rich.

"You know, it's kind of a rude question to ask a superhero what his powers are," says Ben Affleck (Batman).

"Especially when he doesn't have super powers!" adds Ezra Miller (The Flash).

Justice League is a big-time Hollywood blockbuster, released as Hollywood is embroiled in a big-time crisis.

What do the male stars think a man's role is in combating sexual harassment?

"Encouraging people to talk about it, encouraging people to talk and helping in any way we can," says Ray Fisher (Cyborg).

"I think Ray said it really well, I really agree," adds Affleck, who faced several allegations in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein scandal.

"If we can all show up - especially as men - to be more accountable and and examine our behaviour as individuals," says Miller.

In the DC Comics universe, Wonder Woman and Aquaman's people were once at war - now it's a veritable love fest.

"They would never fight - they're all about love, she understands him," says Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman).

Momoa instantly concedes that Wonder Woman would beat Aquaman in battle anyway.

The Game of Thrones star wouldn't shut up about how much he loves New Zealand during our interview, famously auditioning for the part of Khal Drogo with the Ka Mate haka.

"It gets you pretty amped up," he says.

"I was out with my buddies last night and I was doing a haka, so I kind of stripped out my voice."

Justice League is released in New Zealand cinemas this week.