Married At First Sight NZ: Brett and Angel 'never imagined' they'd be only successful couple

  • 13/11/2017

Only one of the six couples that wed in the debut season of Married At First Sight NZ have gotten through the 'social experiment' intact.

Brett and Angel appeared on The AM Show on Monday morning to discuss how they are still together, confessing they had no idea none of the others would make it.

"We're pretty optimistic people, we thought there'd be another Brett and Angel at the end of it," says Brett.

"We never imagined it'd turn out the way it has."

"I had faith going into it that I'd find 'the one'. I wouldn't have done it if I wasn't going into thinking it was the end of my singledom," adds Angel.

The couple seem smitten with each other, spending hardly a moment of their AM Show segment without a smile on their faces.

Angel says she loves Brett because he's very funny, open-minded and has a big heart, while he says he loves her because of her infectious way of making everybody feel good.

They also believe that having been through the show together, they can overcome anything.

"If you can get through 30 days living together with someone in this really intense experiment - that's really hard to do. I can't imagine how everyone else felt, but we had a really good connection from the start and we made it through," says Angel.

"If you can do that, we honestly feel like, what can't we achieve together? As cheesy as that sounds, it feels like we've already overcome a massive hurdle and we've mastered it."

The Married At First Sight NZ season finale, which sees the couples and experts reuniting to discuss what went wrong, is broadcast on Three tonight at 7:30pm.