Married At First Sight NZ success story Brett and Angel talk money, babies and sex

Married At First Sight NZ stars Brett and Angel have come out on top. 

After last night's emotional vow renewal episode between the remaining three couples, they were the only ones to commit to staying in the marriage - the only successful couple out of all six wedded in this season. 

Psychologists told The New York Times there were several questions that all couples should ask each other before they marry. 

Brett and Angel didn't get a chance to do that (obviously), so we put some of those questions to them, to see if their answers matched up.

1. Will you have kids and will you change nappies? 

Angel: "We'll definitely have kids and we'll definitely both change diapers... [after a side-glance from Brett] Oh, will you help?" 

Brett: "Maybe….I don't know, we'll talk about it when it happens. I'm 100 percent keen on kids - the diapers thing I'm less keen on, but my brother has kids and he said it's a bit different when it's your own kids' poo.

"We're in no rush - we've got to get a wee dog first." 


2. Do you have any bad experiences with exes you've learnt from for this relationship?

A: "I've never really had a relationship with an ex end badly."

B: "Nah, not at all. I guess with time, I've become more mature… with all the relationships I've had in past, I've taken things on board.


3. What's the most you'd be willing to spend on a) a car, b) a couch and c) a pair of shoes

A: "How big are our bank accounts?... $250 on a pair of shoes, a couch maybe $5000 and a car, at this point, maybe $50,000?" 

B: "$50,000?" 

A: "We've got to get a good one, so there's room for the dog… and the kids." 

B: "Well, I brought these shoes here with Angel and what were they, like $220? [Points at green and brown New Balance sneakers] That would be the upper echelon of shoe spending for me. Nike, feel free to contract me! 

"I want to buy a motorbike and Angel is coming around to that - I'd spend maybe $5000 on a motorbike, maybe $10,000? I think $50,000 on a car is a bit outrageous." 


4. What activities can you do alone and what can you do together? 

A: "Alone, grocery shopping and working out, and together, I guess life?"

B: "I dislike grocery shopping, so Angel's taken that on board. Gymming, I don't mind doing together, but Angel wants to do it alone, so that's cool. 

"Together; just everything really - movies, going out… there's nothing I can't really do without her." 


5. Do you like your partner's parents? 

A: "Love them."

B: "Love Stew and Cindy - Stew's a legend, aye. Stew's the man... go Stew!"


6. How important is sex to you in a relationship? 

A: "Oh, sex is obviously quite an important part of a relationship… I don't reckon people have actually asked us that much about it. 

"I guess we've shared so much with New Zealand, people don't need to know about the literal ins and outs…. oh Jesus."  

B: "We shared so much with the rest of New Zealand, that was one thing we wanted to keep to ourselves - nobody's really asked us about it. 

"Yeah, it's important, but that's something [between] me and Angel." 


7. How far is it ok to take flirting with other people? 

A: (Very confused) "Oh no, I don't reckon that's all good at all. That' just weird - you don't flirt with someone else, when you're married." 

B: "I'm with Angel. Married people don't flirt do they? Well, they shouldn't - that's not our thing." 


8. What do you admire most about your partner and what are your pet peeves? 

A: "He has the biggest heart and biggest sense of humour… I don't think I could ever have imagined being with a better person. 

"My pet peeves? To be honest, this is going to sound really cringe, but I try and turn any negative I have with a person into a positive. 

"Even something like farting or whatever, I just make it funny."

B: "Angel is the most positive person ever - she makes a joke about everything and she just lights up a room. 

"I think we're really loud. I'm always like 'oh, you're talking really loud', but I'm also really loud. We both need to work at talking at a tone that's acceptable."  


9. Where do you see yourselves 10 years from now? 

A: "Honestly, I don't even think that we could sit here and think that far ahead, because we didn't think that we'd even be here now. We'd probably be still as bloody chummy." 

B: "I want Angel to be Prime Minister or something cool. Hopefully in 10 years' time, she'll be in the White House or the Beehive."

A: "The White House? Isn't that a strip club?" 


The Married At First Sight NZ season finale, which sees the couples and experts reuniting to discuss what went wrong, is broadcast on Three tonight at 7:30pm.