Married At First Sight star claims 'blackmail' after vulgar Tinder messages released

  • 08/11/2017
Andrew from Married At First Sight
Photo credit: Mediaworks

Married At First Sight NZ star Andrew Jury has accused a Hamilton woman of grabbing "15 seconds of fame" after she released, on Facebook, vulgar messages he sent to her on Tinder. 

Jury originally sent a series of insulting messages to Korean-Kiwi pianist Maria Mo on Tinder in 2015, after she rebuffed his advances. She released them on Facebook, after recognising him on an episode of MAFS NZ last week. 

He began the initial conversation by asking if she'd like to satisfy his "Asian fetish", but it descended into him calling her "ugly" and a "whore", among other slurs.

After releasing a public apology on Monday, Jury contacted Mo directly on Facebook and called her an "awful person". 

"Your not after an aopoligy your after fame. So no I won't apologis after you went to the media [sic]," he wrote.

"I'd like to congraulate you dor bein on awfull person and sharin that with media. I hope your 15 seconds of fame was worth it sweet heart. Its blatetent blackmailing [sic]."

andrew's messages to Maria 1
Photo credit: Facebook
Andrew message to maria 2
Photo credit: Facebook
andrew's message to Maria 2

He ended the messages with an attempt at reconciliation. 

"My coffee and sorry still stand Maria. Truly im not a bad guy [sic]," he wrote.  

Mo told Stuff she was astounded at the messages. 

"It's mind-boggling that someone could be so clueless and ignorant... and then he tries to cover his tracks by saying he isn't 'a bad guy'." 

She said she had no interest in 'cashing in' on Jury's fame. 

"There are better and more flattering ways to get famous for five minutes. I could have streaked down Queen Street, for example.

"My point was to show that anything you say can come back and bite you like this, and that behaviour like this is not okay. As a society we will need to call it out as we see it."