Murder on the Orient Express review

Murder on the Orient Express has had a modern day remake, courtesy of British thespian Kenneth Branagh, and it's just opened across the country.

Old school movie-making, the romance of train travel, that moustache - Branagh's re-imagining of the Agatha Christie classic has thundered into the station.

Taking on both the lead role of Hercule Poirot and that of director, Branagh used all of his considerable pulling power gathering an all-class cast to board this train.

Dame Judi Dench, Michelle Pfeiffer, Penelope Cruise, Willem Defoe, Daisy Ridley - delicious.

It's an old-fashioned classic whodunit murder mystery. A passenger in the first-class carriage is found brutally stabbed, and the murdered had to be in that carriage.

Everyone is a suspect and the world's greatest detective must use all of his many skills, his gut instinct and his OCD-like fastidious attention to detail to sniff out the perpetrator.

What he didn't expect was that the greatest tool of all will be his heart.

There's no question having fresh eyes for a whodunit pushes up the satisfaction rate enormously, so not only was this famous story a big reveal for me, the heart and soul Branagh brought to Poirot and to the entire proceedings from the director's chair meant this became a first-class belter of a watch for me.

Four-and-a-half stars.


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