Pop star Astrid S visits New Zealand

She made her big break on Norwegian Idol and now one of her songs has gone Platinum in New Zealand.

Pop star Astrid S is in the country for KFC Edgefest, with the song that put her on the world music map.

'Hurts So Good' went Platinum in New Zealand and over the weekend she played it for a Kiwi crowd for the very first time.

"I didn't expect people to know my songs that well or at all so it was a very very cool experience," she says.

Astrid made the most of her first trip down under, checking out the scenery and even kayaking in Christchurch. The Norwegian pop star says New Zealand reminds her of home.

"New Zealand is pretty similar it's just more green - and lots of ships - sheeps, ships, sheeps?" she says.

Sheep weren't the only thing catching her off-guard on her trip so far.

At KFC Edgefest she tattooed a guy's butt, even including breasts on the stick figure.

"It was an honour to actually have my name on someone's butt that's kind of crazy! But it was fun," she says.

She's come a long way since making her debut on Norway's version of the Idol TV show franchise in 2013.

Astrid draws her inspiration from all over the place, saying her taste in music is very diverse.

"I love listening to Anastasia, Whitney Houston, Celine Dion, I was a big fan of Hannah Montana and High School Musical and the Disney Channel and then I had my period of listening to Red Hot Chili Peppers and Nirvana and the Foo Fighters," she says.

Last week she celebrated her 21st birthday in Norway by putting on a Halloween-themed concert.

"We just made everyone dress up. I was Buzz Lightyear and I crowd surfed and it was just a really cool experience," she says.

And to infinity and beyond is where she'll be heading next year if her upcoming album is anything like what we've heard so far.


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