Review: Bad Moms 2 as awful as the original, but with snow

If you want to welcome the festive, joyous spirit of Christmas into your heart nice and early this weekend, find the nearest Santa and hug him. You'll both need a hug after watching Bad Moms 2.

Pretty much a year since the first bad Bad Moms there is, of course, a sequel - because apparently there were enough bored punters who squandered their hard-earned money to see the last one to warrant another.

So this one's pretty much same-same with snow, and an additional ill-fated layer of pseudo-emotion lathered onto proceedings with the arrival of the three bad mothers of the aforementioned three "Bad Moms".

We know they'll end up ruining the holidays for everyone, but what I wasn't expecting them to do was lay waste to my own sanity and sense of convivial cinematic joy and merriment.

Desperately laboured, heavy-handed humour delivered loudly and lazily with a glaringly tired plot - and complete with a character called Isis - this ghastly sequel all comes together in a perfect Christmas storm.

Should you survive it with your sanity still intact, you may never want to go to the movies or celebrate Christmas ever again.

You know a sequel totally sucks when the original film now in hindsight starts to feel not half bad - an original film, which, at the time, totally sucked in its own right.

Life is short and Christmas is precious, so do yourself, your girlfriends and Santa a favour and let the ghosts of Bad Moms past haunt someone else this festive season and just go see Thor, again.

One star - and only so the top of your Christmas tree doesn't look weird.