'Shaka brah!' Skater Sam wins The AM Show's 9 in 10

An Auckland skateboarder has taken out a $10,000 Farmers gift card after naming nine commonly available flavours of icecream in just 10 seconds.

Sam was travelling through Western Springs Park on his skateboard when he was stopped and asked to play The AM Show's 9 in 10 - where you have to give nine answers to a simple question in 10 seconds.

After a series of cheeky quips at host Duncan Garner - in which he claimed he'd been "honey-trapped" by him - as well as some skating warm-ups, Sam was ready to go.

"Let's see how smart you are, mate," Garner said. "In 9 in 10, I want you to name for me commonly available flavours of icecream. Go."

Sam was quick out of the gate, and managed to name about five in his first few seconds, before just scrambling to victory before the 10-second mark.

"Hokey pokey, goody gumdrops, chocolate, vanilla, dark chocolate brownie, cookies and cream, boysenberry, mango, lemon sorbet, juicy fruit," he said.

When asked how he thought he'd gone, Sam said he was unsure as he'd "blacked out there" and couldn't remember answering the question.

But even with the removal of lemon sorbet, which is not technically a type of icecream, Sam had just scraped in.

"Sweet," he said matter-of-factly, upon hearing that he'd won.

"I'll probably take her out for dinner now," he added, pointing at AM Show reporter Shannon Redstall.

Sam is the second 9 in 10 winner on The AM Show in less than a week.


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