Tyrese Gibson posts another tearful video online, gets mocked by 50 Cent

Tyrese Gibson has posted another emotional video online in which he cries about an ongoing custody battle for his daughter.

The Fast and Furious star claims he has no money, and after announcing Will Smith was sending him US$5 million, new reports suggest that isn't actually the case.

Gibson is also now being targeted by online trolls mocking his situation, including rapper 50 Cent.

In his latest Facebook video, the 38-year-old points the camera at his feet.

"It's almost 7am and I'm headed to court. I'm wearing these [Converse] Chuck Taylors as a silent protest," says Gibson.

"For all the fathers that are in jail, just sitting in a f**king cage... You didn't do nothing and then there's some other men around your kids right now... Even if they try and take me out they will never be able to stop this video from being released."

TMZ reports sources close to Smith say he didn't send Gibson money as claimed, but are concerned about his mental wellbeing.

Perhaps in response, Gibson posted a photo on Instagram of himself with a Transformers model, saying "everyone" had turned on him but Optimus Prime still had "his back".

"Wait so this fool just made some shit up - LOL," 50 Cent responded on Instagram to reports the Men in Black star didn't lend Gibson money.

The 'Many Men' rapper then posted a video which features Gibson saying he's waiting for Smith's money to arrive in his bank account, before clips from various films are edited to depict Smith yelling "no" at Gibson before shooting him several times with an automatic weapon.

50 Cent has captioned his posts about Gibson promoting his TV show 50 Central, which features live comedy sketches, pranks and social commentary.