Tyrese Gibson reunited with daughter, apologises for online meltdown

Tyrese Gibson has lashed out at his ex-wife, after winning joint custody of his daughter in a bitter custody battle.

The Fast and Furious star is also refusing to back down from his feud with Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson, but is very sorry for embarrassing Will and Jada Pinkett Smith.

Gibson slammed ex-wife Norma over the "toxic nonsense" of the custody dispute on Instagram, saying she falsely accused him of abuse, which led to the long and costly court case.

While on a beach date with 10-year-old daughter Shayla, Gibson was asked by a TMZ paparazzo if he would send an apology to Johnson, after attacking him online several times.

"The Rock ain't got nothing coming from me, bro," Gibson said, while sternly smoking a cigar.

Gibson had gone as far as threatening Johnson's family and saying he would not star in future Fast and Furious films, if the WWE legend was also involved.

He told TMZ that he now could act alongside Johnson again, as "a professional".

Gibson was apologetic for part of his online meltdown - publicly boasting about a US$5 million from the Smiths, which he blamed on medication.

"I asked them to forgive me. I took that medicine... that medicine made me put up [private details of our conversation] on Instagram. A little word of advice for anybody out there, if somebody says they're going to help you out, wait until the money comes in before you Instagram about it."

Gibson said the outcome of the custody dispute "completely exonerated" him, and he was now trying to mend his reputation and sort out his financial issues.