Whose Line is it Anyway comedian Colin Mochrie gives his spin on Kiwi politicians

Famous comedian Colin Mochrie has given a hilarious improv interpretation on four well-known Kiwis.

The regular on the hit television series Whose Line is it Anyway is in New Zealand to help fellow comedians, the Improv Bandits, celebrate their 20th anniversary.

Mochrie appeared on the AM Show on Friday morning, where he was asked to put his spin on four New Zealanders who appeared on screen.

First up was NZ First leader Winston Peters.

"I think I've heard about him. He made his money through a long line of suppositories called innuendos," Mochrie guessed.

"That's how he made his fortune."

Then came John Key, or as Mochrie decided, "the worst professional boxer in the history of sports".

"Lost 525 consecutive matches, including he went nine rounds with a Chihuahua and lost."

He then called Jacinda Ardern "the unspoken daughter of Donald Trump".

"Actually on the birth certificate he just put, as her name, 'the last one'."

Ms Ardern has, in fact, been compared to Trump in the past by the Wall Street Journal for her stance on immigration, which the comedian was unaware of.

Finally Mark Richardson, a co-host on the show, appeared on screen. Luckily, the comedian realised before he spoke.

"Mark Richardson - One of the best batsmen of all times, but still has a losing record against car doors."

Tickets to his performance with the Improv Bandits tonight at Auckland's Town Hall can be purchased on Ticketmaster.

Another charity event will be held in Ellerslie tomorrow night at Michael Park School.