Dunedin gamer's unusual experiments capture worldwide attention

While many people spend their summer holidays relaxing outside, one Dunedin man is using his break to sit inside and play video games.

Online gamer Dylan Beck, 27, broadcasts live to fans around the world with a unique hook. He plays his games using objects like bananas, corn chips and Nerf guns. 

"I like to play games wrong. I build controllers for different games out of things that you would never consider to be a controller," Mr Beck told Newshub. 

Mr Beck - known online as Rudeism - first caught international attention after conquering the game World of Warcraft using only dance pads.

Viewers flocked to his online channel to catch his experiments.

The MacGyver of gaming creates circuitry to connect up everyday objects, letting him play games with everything from Doritos to a bunch of bananas.

Mr Beck has a day job as a games designer, but spends another 20 hours a week broadcasting to thousands of followers, through a website called Twitch.tv.

Viewers can chat with him while he's playing, rewarding him with subscriptions and donations.

"I make enough from this that I can fund myself to keep doing this kind of thing. And you know I can undertake bigger and crazier ideas, which is nice," he says. 

His broadcasts take full advantage of Dunedin's "gig city" status - a jump in video quality thanks to the lightning-fast broadband network Dunedin won in a Chorus promotion.

"Having the gig is a massive advantage; it's honestly helped me out so much. I can stream at full HD, 60 frames per second. It's great," he says. 

He's not always stuck indoors. Rudeism once rigged up his real-life car to play an online racing game.

"I got some weird looks from the neighbours because I was doing that in my driveway... of course I wasn't actually driving the real car in real life."

Despite the time commitment, there are no plans for "game over". Future possibilities are limited only by his imagination.