Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson's powerful message around mana

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson has spoken out about the meaning of mana - and its meaning to New Zealanders.

Three's The Project host Jacqui Brown went to Hawaii to meet the cast of upcoming movie Jumanji, including Johnson, Kevin Hart and Jack Black.

Johnson, who grew up in New Zealand and has Polynesian ancestry, told Brown of the importance of mana to his life.

"Mana is a term in Polynesian culture - it's spirit, it's power," he says.

"Everyone in New Zealand has our own version of mana. I feel like the most important thing about mana is it's very grounding.

"It makes you recognise how grateful you should be, recognise your blessings because [life] wasn't always like cool fun, bright lights and movies for us."

It's not the first time the superstar actor has shared his message. Earlier in the year, he took to Instagram to tell followers to embrace their inner mana.

The Fast and Furious star was pictured alongside four children with drawn-on Polynesian tattoos, matching his own.

"Teach 'em young. Embrace your warrior mana (spirit)," he said. "We all have it, we just have to understand how to tap into it."

And it's not the first time Johnson has acknowledged his Kiwi background either. Last year, he led a haka scene in the eighth instalment of the Fast and Furious franchise.

His scene saw Johnson's character in the blockbuster, Luke Hobbs, lead his daughter's football team in a haka with scores tied and two minutes to go in their championship game.

"As their coach, I ask them to dig deep and harness their warrior mana one last time, but before they take the field, we will perform our haka to our opponent," he said.

"[It's] a pre-battle ritual, where we call upon the recognition of our ancestors and to give us strength.

"And if need be, we are prepared to die today, only because we have lived greatly and proudly as people."