Emily Ratajkowski writhes in spaghetti for LOVE Magazine

  • 04/12/2017

Emily Ratajkowski's latest online video hit features her writhing around suggestively, if very messily, in spaghetti.

The supermodel-actress wears red-and-white lace lingerie with fingerless woollen gloves and stiletto heels in the clip, which was released by LOVE Magazine.

Ratajkowski, 26, doesn't do much actual eating in the video, but says she enjoyed playing in the food a lot.

"I love pasta and wine, and being greased up in olive oil more than life itself," she says.

Ratajkowski is renowned for her slender yet voluptuous figure, which she pokes fun at in the clip by joking: "It's carb loading day!"

LOVE Magazine has made an annual tradition of releasing racy videos and images in the month of December as an advent calendar.

This year, each video is accompanied with the hashtag #StayStrong, hoping to empower women after the high-profile sexual abuse scandals hit in the entertainment industry.