Eminem savagely unleashes on racism in new track 'Untouchable'

  • 09/12/2017
Eminem Photo credit: Getty

Eminem has released new track 'Untouchable', a fiery assault on white privilege and systematic racism in the US.

It comes after the 'My Name Is' hitmaker attacked US President Donald Trump in a headline-grabbing freestyle in October.

Eminem, real name Marshall Mathers, confesses to sometimes being ashamed of being white in the song.

"It like we're drifting back into the '60s/ Having black skin is risky 'cause this keeps happening," he raps.

"Throughout history, African-Americans have been treated like shit/ And I admit, there have been times where it's been embarrassing to be a white boy."

'Untouchable' has a tight focus on race relations in the US in every verse and the chorus, which samples a Cheech & Chong song.

The closing lyrics even criticise the ideals the US is founded on, suggesting they're hypocritical.

"In a country that claims that its foundation was based on United States ideals/ That had its natives killed/ Got you singin' this star-spangled spiel/ To a piece of cloth that represents the 'Land of the Free' that made people slaves to build."

'Untouchable' is the second track to be released off forthcoming album Revival, following 'Walk on Water'.

The uncensored version of the full track is embedded below.