'I asked for Lorde tickets. Not The Lord' - Parents' epic Christmas prank goes viral

Letter from Lorde prank; Lorde performing in concert
The parents of a US teen owned Christmas with this epic Lorde prank. Photo credit: Twitter/Getty.

An 18-year-old US teen was praying for a miracle from our very own Kiwi songstress, after her parents pranked her with tickets to see the wrong kind of 'Lord' for Christmas.

Kansas City teen Jorji Kellogg had asked for tickets to one of Lorde's US shows as a Christmas present. On the morning of December 25, she rushed to open an unassuming envelope underneath the tree, convinced her wish had come true.

But her religious parents thought it was a great opportunity to prank their daughter. Instead of a music concert at the Kansas City Spirit Centre, they had gifted her tickets to receive the Lord at a fictional event with Texas televangelist Pastor Joel Osteen.

"Jorji, Dad and I are so proud and happy that you want to grow your faith and spend time with the Lord," Kellogg's Christmas card read. "Enjoy Pastor Joel Osteen at the Spirit centre." 

Jorji tweeted a picture of the letter and tickets, with the caption: "I asked for Lorde tickets. Not the Lord."

The tweet went viral, earning 43,000 retweets and more than 160,000 likes.

"I was thrown and wondering why they thought I had meant the Lord instead of Lorde," the teen told BBC.

But her disappointment didn't last long - her parents cracked and gave her real tickets to the show, with a card that read: "Ha, Lorde."

Unaware that the teen did get the actual tickets in the end, many Twitter users bombarded the 'Supercut' singer for tickets on Jorji's behalf, but Jorji's mum Regina stepped in, tweeting that it wasn't necessary.

"Now if we get the almost 10K Twitter people to stop begging Lorde for tix, that'd be great. She's going to see Lorde people," she posted on December 29.




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