'I don't care if bashing Trump loses me fans' - James Gunn

  • 18/12/2017
James Gunn doesn’t care if bashing Donald Trump loses him fans, compares the Apprentice star to Hitler and Putin.
James Gunn; Donald Trump Photo credit: Getty

Filmmaker James Gunn doesn't care if criticising Donald Trump loses him fans as he believes the current US president is a "national crisis".

The Guardians of the Galaxy director is even comparing the former Celebrity Apprentice host to Adolf Hitler and Vladimir Putin.

Gunn's comments were then backed up by Logan and The Wolverine director James Mangold.

"In my years on social networking I have never spoken out politically," Gunn tweeted.

"But we're in a national crisis with an incompetent president forging a full-blown attack on facts and journalism in the style of Hitler and Putin."

The response came after some fans took issue with Gunn joking about President Trump's interview techniques, based on how wildly unqualified some of his nominees have been.

Mangold supported Gunn on Twitter, insisting that there are not two sides to all issues - meaning sometimes people are objectively wrong, regardless of where they stand politically.

Gunn directed both Guardians of the Galaxy films and will return to direct the third.

His other film credits include violent superhero parody Super and horror/comedy Slither.