Kiwi gets phone call with James Franco on US talk show Conan

An Auckland man got the opportunity to speak to Hollywood star James Franco in front of nearly a million viewers - all while on his lunch break.

The man, identified as editor Steve Newall, called after spotting a phone number on a billboard that promised he would speak to Tommy Wiseau, the star of a movie dubbed the worst of all time, The Room.

Franco is playing the role of Wiseau in a recently film about the making of that movie, called The Disaster Artist, which he was promoting on late night show Conan when he received Steve's call.

Despite being halfway through an interview, Franco immediately picked up the phone.

"This Tommy Wiseau, who this?" Franco answered in a distinctly Wiseau-esque voice, in front of a stunned Conan O'Brien.

"Hey this is Steve, I'm just having lunch in Auckland, New Zealand. What are you guys up to?" a cheery voice said from the other end.

"Wow you from New Zealand, I'm on talk show right now, Conan. You know this show in New Zealand?"

"Conan the Barbarian?" Steve responded, referring to the 1980s film by the same name starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.

"Very close," Franco laughed, still doing Wiseau's voice. "He has big red hair, crazy guy."

"Connan Mockasin?" Steve guessed again, this time referencing the Kiwi musician, who it was clear no one on the show had heard of.

"Okay whatever, you from New Zealand but you very famous right now, you on Conan O'Brien," Franco replied.

"Have good day, go see Disaster Artist! Ta-ta," he said before hanging up.

Steve has confirmed to Newshub that getting through on the phone number was pure coincidence. He says he was attempting to show a friend the voicemail message after calling the number approximately 50 times previously.


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