Lorde 'considering' cancelling Israel concert

Kiwi pop star Lorde is "considering all options" regarding her recently announced concert in Israel, following an outcry. 

The 'Green Light' hitmaker was applauded by some for announcing her first gig in the troubled country, but others urged her to boycott Israel as several other artists have over its reported human rights abuses.

Lorde has now responded to an open letter to her published on The Spinoff, saying the request for her to not perform in Tel Aviv has been "noted".

"Been speaking with many people about this and considering all options," she said. "Thank you for educating me, I am learning all the time too." 

The Spinoff article was co-authored by Jewish New Zealander Justine Sachs and Palestinian New Zealander Nadia Abu-Shanab.

They succinctly explain the history of Israel's occupation of Palestinian territories and why they hope she'll call off her Tel Aviv concert.

"In 2017, Lorde, reignite the spirit of 1981 and show the world that New Zealanders are the progressive forward-thinking people we say we are.

"Please join the artistic boycott of Israel, cancel your Israeli tour dates and make a stand. Your voice will join many others and together we can and will make a difference."

After Lorde's concert in Israel was announced, several Twitter users protested, while others argued that boycotting the country does not help.

Janfrie Wakim, spokesperson for the New Zealand Palestine Solidarity Network, told Newshub Lorde was "unwise" to agree to the performance and should reconsider.

Many of the international artists who choose not to host concerts in Israel are members of the Boycott Divestment Sanctions (BDS) Movement, which "works to end international support for Israel's oppression of Palestinians".

It's at the centre of fierce debate within the entertainment industry, with those holding opposing views on how to deal with the Israel/Palestine conflict often publicly criticising each other.

Lorde is set to perform at the Tel Aviv Convention Centre on June 5, 2018.

Universal Music NZ, her local record label, has been approached for comment.


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