Man sets up website to crowdfund sex island holiday

  • 04/12/2017

A man has set up a website for Bitcoin donations he claims will pay for a ticket to a notorious Colombian holiday featuring unlimited sex and drugs.

The 'Sex Island Experience' from Good Girls Company offered 30 tickets for US$5000 each to its late November holiday, which also included unlimited food and alcohol.

Despite a backlash from Colombian authorities who said anyone travelling to the country for the event would be deported, organisers claim it was a success and are now selling tickets to a similar New Year's Eve party.

The crowdfunding website for 'Brian' claims he's a virgin and suggests it's a "basic human right" for a man to "at least get laid".

"I've never had a girlfriend. I've had my fair share of texting relationships but they always end with me saying something really inappropriate and then the girl goes silent," Brian says.

"I think feeling a women's touch will help me get out of my shell [sic]. Donate below and make my wet dreams come true!"

The website is not hosted on a regular crowdfunding website such as Kickstarter or Indiegogo and may be simply a scam.

It's being discussed in a thread on Reddit, with commenters both trying to dissuade 'Brian' from the idea and debating the merits of Bitcoin.

"Instead of blowing $5k on four nights in Columbia (which sounds like a pretty tight budget, given who it's with), why not blow $5k on a few nights with a call girl in New York?" advises user glitchysuki.

Meanwhile, a representative of Good Girls Company told the Mirror over half of the Sex Island customers paid extra to extend the trip to a full week.

The event was promoted as "drug-friendly" and promised two prostitutes for every customer, along with one 30 minute session with 16 prostitutes.

"The experience has exceeded their expectations - some clients haven't slept in 48 hours. They are currently partying on the yacht with all the girls naked," the event organiser said.

"Our pop star celebrity guest is performing for everyone. They are having the time of their lives."

The official Sex Island Experience website is now selling tickets to its New Year's event, but the fine print has not been updated and still lists the November dates.