Mike Hosking officially broke broadcasting rules with false Māori Party comments

Controversial media personality Mike Hosking broke broadcasting rules with "inaccurate and misleading" comments about the Māori Party, it has been ruled.

The false statement was made during an episode of Seven Sharp in August, with viewers being told only people enrolled in a Māori electorate could vote for the Māori Party.

Hosking attempted to clarify his message a day later, but the Broadcasting Standards Authority (BSA) has decided his explanation was "flippant and too general", and has upheld a complaint against him.

"This was an important issue, particularly during the election period, and had the potential to significantly affect voters' understanding of the Māori roll and of New Zealand's electoral system", the BSA says in statement.

"The incorrect statements made by Mr Hosking were presented at a critical time, when voters required accurate information to enable them to make informed voting decisions. In this case, the flippant apology provided did not reflect a genuine appreciation for the important role of media."

TVNZ, which broadcasts Seven Sharp, has been asked by the BSA to publicly acknowledge the breach of accuracy with an on-air statement, before the 2017 summer holiday break.

Seven Sharp's final broadcast of 2017 was broadcast on December 15, which was also Hosking and his co-host Toni Street's last episode as presenters.

Their replacements will be announced in January.