Paul McCartney talks Family Feud and his advice for Lorde

  • 11/12/2017

Paul MccCartney fans are eagerly awaiting his one New Zealand show on Saturday night, but they might be surprised to hear how the music icon relaxes before he goes on stage - watching Family Feud. 

His crew told The Project's Jaquie Brown that it's his favourite show and he didn't deny it, when she broached the subject with him over in Melbourne this week.  

"Oh yeah, I do love that," McCartney laughed. "I like to watch a bit of telly before I go on stage and I don't like to watch anything too serious, like the news. 

"I like trying to guess what other people think was the top answer." 

McCartney has a couple of rituals for his performance, including waiting all day before he has a drink, so he can enjoy one when the night is over. 

His beverage of choice? A margarita.  

"And when youre making it, add a little orange juice, shake it up, and that becomes a 'Macarita'," he revealed to fellow margarita-lover Brown. 

Of course, it had to be asked - what was his advice for our own most successful music export, Kiwi songstress Lorde?

"I don't think she really needs any advice," McCartney said. "She's young, so it's unfiltered and I like that. 

"Just keep going, girl... and have a margarita."