Real-life 'Corpse Bride' admits her facial surgery was a hoax

Viral images of an Iranian woman who was alleged to have undertaken surgery to make herself look like Angelina Jolie were simply an elaborate hoax, it has been revealed.

Sahar Tabar claimed to be obsessed with looking like the Tomb Raider star Jolie, and said she had undergone 50 procedures to look like her - although some noted she actually looked more like Tim Burton movie character Corpse Bride.

However, doubts began to emerge about the voracity just days after Ms Tabar shot to viral fame - with some claiming she was using Photoshop, makeup or prosthetics to exaggerate her features.

That's now proved to be the case, with Ms Tabar telling Russian publication Sputnik she had doctored the images on her computer to achieve some of her most shocking looks.

"Every time I publish a photo, I distort my face in an increasingly funny way. It is a way of expressing yourself, a kind of art. My fans know that this is not my real face," she said.

She also admitted that while she did get some surgery, she hadn't considered Angelina Jolie or the Corpse Bride when creating her look, and merely capitalised on her likeness to them when people began pointing it out.

Recently, old photos of Ms Tabar have emerged, giving a better indication of what she actually looks like.

She has reportedly gained upwards of 60,000 Instagram followers from the publicity in the last week.